50 Questions for ShishiAto Fans

The 50/100/whatever Questions thing isa Japanese fandom tradition that I've always loved. Basically, someone writes up a questionaire on a fannish topic, be it a character, a pairing, a series, or whatever. Whoever feels like it answers the questionaire and posts the questions and answers on their own site.

So, this a ShishiAto 50Q, translated by Athena from this site. To grab the questions for your own site, copy them from the field felow:

My answers :D

1. Please state your name.


2. How did you get into this pairing?

Well, originally I just thought it'd be pretty pr0n (in much the way lots of peopel x Atobe is pretty pr0n), and then I got a Clumsy Berry doujinshi and suddenly I was shipping it big time.

3. How long have you been shipping them?

I'm told a year... I swear it's less

4. Are they your OTP?

Yes. =D

5. What is your ideal [ShishiAto]?

Seme/uke-wise, ShishiAto.

And I guess scenario-wise, I like the idea that they were friends since grade school, and somewhere along the way fell in love with each other... Shishido realized it way sooner than Keigo though. But at the same time they developed a lot of issues (Shishido in particular) which got in the way of their being able to admit it. And so instead they fight. A lot. And end up making out. But pretend it means nothing. Until the day the shit finally hits the fan and it all comes pouring out.

6. What is their appeal?

The explosive pissy chemestry. Plus it seems to me that it'd be a REALLY complicated relationship, and I love complicated ships. (See Jack/Irina, my Alias OTP)

7. If you had to choose, which character in the pairing do you like better?

...I really can't choose.

8. Why?

Because it depends. Keigo is more of an object of adoration for me, but I identify more with Shishido.

9. In your opinion, what kind of person is [Atobe]?

"The secret of becoming a star is knowing how to behave like one" That's from Velvet Goldmine, and it sort of sums up Keigo. He's a legend waiting to happen.

He's beautiful, intelligent, ridiculously talented (not to mention rich), knows it, and doesn't bother to hide it. He believes that he deserves the best life has to offer... but I also think that he believes he has to live up to his potential in order to deserve it. And he does live up to it.

10. In your opinion, what kind of person is [Shishido]?

Shishido is volatile and temperamental, and not smooth or diplomatic in the slightest. He's also stubborn and determined, and while obviously talented, clearly not naturally gifted the way Keigo is. Being friends with Keigo probably pushed him to work extra hard to keep up, and it's probably part of why he is as stubborn as he is.

He's also probably very much a typical guy in the sense that he doesn't appear to be particularly comfortable expressing emotions.

11. What's [Atobe's] view on love/romance?

I would say that his view on love and romance is that he deserves to be worshipped and adored, but that when HE falls in love he probably isn't going to be prepared to need someone else on that level.

12. What's [Shishido's] view on love/romance?

He thinks it's embarrasing and troublesome. Consequently he gets his ass kicked by it.

13. How did the two of them meet?

In first grade. Shishido thought Keigo was a prissy brat and promptly set about teasing him mercilessly.

14. Have either confessed feelings to the other? If so, who did it first?

I think they're likely to remain in denial for a long time or to avoid confessions for a long long time, but eventually Shishido will say it first. By accident.

15. Do the people around them know about their relationship?

THEY think it's a secret, but everyone knows.

16. What does [Atobe] think about [Shishido]?

He probably appreciates the fact that Shishido isn't likely to be awed by him. I also think that he respects and even admires how hard Shishido pushes himself. As for Shishido's loss to Tachibana and the way Keigo treated him right after, I think Keigo has certain expectations of Shishido, and that when Shishido fails to live up to them, Keigo takes it upon himself to treat him in such a way as to make Shishido angry enough to get up and try harder.

17. What does [Shishido] think about [Atobe]?

On the one hand, because of his personality, Shishido isn't likely to be awed or blinded by Keigo's star quality. To him, Keigo is probably just an old friend... probably one that used to cry like a baby if he scrapped his knees. On the other hand, Shishido IS also keenly aware that Keigo is very talented, and probably admires him for it... but he'd only admit that grudgingly. Also, despite admiring him, Shishido wouldn't so much look up to him as fight like mad to keep up as best he could. It's a dynamic that probably breeds quite a bit of tension. XD

18. And what do the people around them think of them?

I think that people in general admire both of them, although probably for different reasons and in different ways... but I also think that while Keigo is very popular (and quite charming when he wants to), Shishido is probably very intimidating.

As to what people think of them together... before they come to terms with their feelings for each other, upon first meeting them, people probably think they're as much rivals as friends, and may not realize how close they actually are. After they're "officially" together, people may be somewhat bewildered and not really get why they're together.

* 19. What do Atobe and Shishido think about Kabaji?

Atobe thinks of Kabaji as a very old, dependable friend. It's my opinion that when Keigo finally assumes control of the Atobe Corporation, Kabaji will be the one actually running the day to day details, while Keigo spends his time organizing benefits and the like (much like Bruce Wayne, except for the part about being a vigilante and dressing up like a bat to fight crime). Shishido probably thinks of Kabaji as Keigo's friend/shadow. It probably annoys him that Kabaji makes it hard to get Keigo alone.

20. Who's the more supportive of the two?

I'm not sure that either of them is what you'd call SUPPORTIVE. However, Keigo is probably able to see thing more objectively and probably exercises a lot of tough love on Shishido. Shishido is more likely to do dumbassy things that hurt both of them because he's very volatile.

21. Who's the more easy going?

Shishido is definitely the more informal of the two, he's probably very irreverent, but he's definitely not easy going as far as his temperament goes (he's obviously very high strung). Keigo tends to have a more outwardly relaxed attitude, but he drives himself pretty hard, so he's not really easy going either.

22. Have they made any promises to each other? If so, what's the nature of the promise?

I can definitely see 10 year old Shishido promising "I'll catch you someday, Atobe".

As for Keigo, I think he's more likely to make himself promises about Shishido, but not to tell Shishido about them.

23. Do you think they've kept the promise?

Yes, I think Shishido definitely will catch him... just not necessarily the way he expects.

24. How far have they gone?

I think they probably started fooling around together as soon as puberty hit, and probably slept together long before coming to terms with their feelings for each other.

25. Who is the more proactive one?

Keigo. Shishido is to contrary to be proactive.

26. Who or what interferes with their relationship?

For the most part, Shishido's issues do. Other than that, it's possible that Keigo would assume that Shishido and Ohtori are so close that they must be involved (whether or not they actually ARE) and thus go off and date other people out of spite. And Shishido would obviously be jealous of Yuushi being close to Keigo.

27. If they were to go out, where do they go?

If it's Shishido's idea, he'd take Keigo to a vaguely disreputable bar frequented by university students to play billiards. Keigo would be a little uncomfortable at first, but eventually he'd enjoy himself. If it's Keigo's idea, he'd drag Shishido to the a concert by the Tokyo Philharmonic, in an attempt to give him a barnish of culture. It wouldn't work very well, but Shishido would put up with it. Eventually they'd settle on things they like to do together (Keigo would still drag him to art galleries on principle; Shishido doesn't have to drag him to play billiards because Keigo ended up enjoying it).

28. If they're meeting up at a location, where would that be?

Probably they'd meet somewhere to play tennis. Or maybe they'd meet at a club... or to sing karaoke or play DDR, if they're feeling dorky.

29. Do they arrive on time?

Shishido usually does. Keigo is always fashionably late.

30. How will they be dressed?

Supposing it isn't tennis... Keigo will be dressed as the posterchild for metrosexual boys, in utterly stylish, expensive clothes... probably tight, sheer, and sparkly. Shishido would be dressed in something scruffy and casual and looking kind of thrown together. They'd both looking fucking hot.

31. Have they visited each other's houses?


32. If they do, what do they do there?

They "study". =9

33. Do you think they do things for each other's birthdays?

Shishido always insists he doesn't care about birthdays in general and his in particular, but Keigo always forces him to celebrate it. And despite claiming that it doesn't mean anything, Shishido always remembers Keigo's.

34. If they exchange gifts, who gives it, and what do they give? Well, Keigo probably has a habit of always getting Shishido something he wants and appreciates, but not something so extravant as to make him uncomfortable. Shishido probably gets pissed off and bitches to Yuushi or whoever about how hard it is to shop for Keigo, and then ends up getting him "an insignificant trifle" that turns out to be surprisingly thoughtful.

Unless they happen to be mad at each other, of course. In which case they celebrate by making up.

35. Do they hold hands?

On rare occasions. =D

36. If you answered yes, which one of them initiates it? If you answered no, why not?

Shishido does; sometimes he does it because he forgets that he claims to think hand-holding is stupid; and other times he kind of brushes his fingers against Keigo's tentatively to see if Keigo takes his hand.

37. Do they fight?


38. If yes, what do they fight over?


39. How do they make up?

One or the other gets slammed against a wall and is kissed stupid. * 40. If they were to play doubles [in tennis], how will it go?

Depends on their moods and whether they chose to play doubles or if it was imposed on them. They might end up screaming at each other, or kicking the other double team's ass.

41. If there was one situation you'd like to see this pairing in, what would it be?

Well, if we're talking officially in the manga, I'd like to see Shishido's reaction to Keigo going to Junior Senbatsu (since I assume Shishido didn't go last year).

42. Have you ever written or drawn this pairing before?

Plotted and RPed.

43. Do you have friends who like this pairing?

Yes, but everyone likes another pairing more.

44. Do people know you like this pairing?


45. What do people around you think of that?

I have no idea? That I'm betraying SanaAto and ToriShishi, probably. ^^;;

46. Is this a major or minor pairing?

Fandom-wise, it's definitely minor, although growing.

47. What's your image of this pairing?

Didn't I already answer this? Pissy, sexy fighting due to massive UST, and both of them really caring for eachother underneath it all.

48. Do they have an image song?

Higher (Kato Kazuki as Atobe Keigo), So Cruel (U2), When Doves Cry (Prince) and I Need To Know (Marc Anthony)

49. Have either of them appeared in your dreams before? If so what kind of dream was it?

Atobe has. He was leaning on a fence. I said "See? I knew he'd look hot bald!"

50. Good job! Any last thoughts?

I need a ShishiAto icon. And these were better questions than these things tend to be. ^^